Who can become a member?

Everybody who legitimately earned the “A-brevet” (certificate) Parachutist and/or Commando, awarded by the Belgian ministry of defense, and who served honorably, can become an Effective Member (EFF). Effective members pay an annual membership fee of 20 euro.

Those who earned certificates with parallel requirements in a NATO-army or WW2-allied army, can become an Foreign Effective Member (EFF). They pay the same membership fee as regular Effective Members.

Youngsters between the age of 16 and 23 and with a sense of adventure can join us as an Cadet –member (KAD). Cadets pay an annual membership fee of 7,5 euro.

Finally, those who appreciates and wants to support our association can join us as an Sympathizing Member (SYM). Sympathizing Members pay an annual membership fee of 30 euro.

How to become a member?

Contact us via the contact form.

Your membership card will be send to you as soon as your membership fee has arrived to our bank account.

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